Uncontrollably Fond (함부로 애틋하게) | Review

I thought she was okay. Time has passed so I thought she put everything behind her. But she still remembers everything. I thought she was okay, but she was still living in darkness. The assailant forgot about everything he did and is living in paradise. But that's not right. That's not how this world should be. - Shin Joon Young


Dear Adam by Ava Zavora | Book Review

Men are not men anymore, women are not women. We are different. Women have stronger qualities than men, men have stronger qualities than women, and that’s OK. We are not equal. That isn’t to say or is above the other. It means, we have our own differences, and they should be cherished, not manipulated so we all become asexual, robotic, politically correct utilities. 

Back to Life by Danielle Allen | Book Review

Sahara Lee is damaged by grief and guilt. Ten years ago her world was turned upside down and she never recovered. One decision, one choice, one accident killed the person she was before. The old Sahara had family, friends, and the love of her life. Now Sahara isolates herself from any and everything she once loved. Immersing herself in fashion, art, and music as a way to escape the pain of the past, she accepts her lonely existence as penance for the role she played in the accident. That is, until she meets Tyree Barker. Back to Life reminds you that living and existing are two completely different ways to go through life. Grief will break you but guilt, guilt will destroy you. And once that happens, what can bring you back to life?