Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn | Book Review

Over the years I've made my own private jokes. You can really read me. Do you want me to spell it out for you? I've certainly given myself a life sentence. Funny, right? I can't stand to look myself without being completely covered. Someday I may visit a surgeon, see what can be done to smooth me, but now I couldn't bear the reaction. Instead I drink so I don't think too much about what I've done to my body and so I don't do any more. Yet most of the time that I'm awake, I want to cut. Not small words either. Equivocate. Inarticulate. Duplicitous. At my hospital back in Illinois they would not approve of this craving. For those who need a name, there's a gift basket of medical terms. All I know is that the cutting made me feel safe. It was proof. Thoughts and words, captured where I could see them and track them. The truth, stinging, on my skin, in a freakish shorthand. Tell me you're going to the doctor, and I'll want to cut worrisome on my arm. Say you've fallen in love and I buzz the outlines of tragic over my breast. I hadn't necessarily wanted to be cured. But I was out of places to write, slicing myself between my toes - bad, cry - like a junkie looking for one last vein. Vanish did it for me. I'd saved the neck, such a nice prime spot, for one final good cutting. Then I turned myself in.


To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before | Movie Review

Well, I did enjoy the movie and I think part of the reason I found a lot of stuff not into my liking was because I read the book before I watched the movie. Everything was still fresh in my memory so I kept comparing what was happening in the movie against what really happened in the book. I'm sorry. I'm not this much of a snub. I happen to like few books adapted into movie, such as Love Rosie, The Notebook and even A Walk to Remember.  On the good note, they did a good job in choosing the lead characters - Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky. There was definitely a chemistry between the two. I just wished they gave more exposure to Josh because he deserved so much screen time. Non-readers would have a difficulty choosing between him and Peter if given the chance. I also think the movie was rushed, which I understand given the time frame it would probably be hard to include all the momentous scenes.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han | Book Review

When I write, I hold nothing back. I write like he'll never read it. Because he never will. Every secret thought, every careful observation, everything I've saved up inside me, I put it all in the letter. They're not for love letters in the strictest sense of the word. My letters are for when I don't want to be in love anymore. They're for goodbye. Because after I write letter, I'm no longer consumed by my all-consuming love. If love is like a possession, maybe my letters are like my exorcism. My letters set me free. Or at least they're supposed to.