A blind woman falls in love with a man who uses kindness and humor to make a connection with her.


There has been a lot of hype over this movie these past few weeks. Knowing that this was an Indie movie, it surpassed expectations from the movie goers and has even exceeded beyond its targeted earning.

Adding the raving reviews I’ve read and me as a fan of rom-com movies, I was ecstatic to see this.

I admit that this was not your ordinary Tagalog Rom-Com movie. The story was uniquely written. There may have been some cliche events but that can be overseen.

Honestly, I liked the pace of the movie. There were lots of flash backs. The movie focused on the two main characters: Lea and Tonio. The extreme personality of the leads contributed a lot to how the story lines were delivered.

Tonio is not your typical leading man. His character made the lead a lot more appealing to the audience. He was really funny. Too full of himself. Caring. Sweet. Thoughtful. All the good things a woman could ask for. He just lacked the good looks most women would want for a boyfriend. (Admit it. Women tend to be attracted to the handsome men and would disregard those who aren’t without getting to know them personally.)

Lea, on the other hand, was a bitter woman. She was diagnosed with a temporary blindness. She hates the world. Had been abandoned by her ex fiancee. She has all the reasons to be mad at the world.

The actors portrayed their characters effectively. I can now see why viewers were enamored by the male lead. He was really funny. I can feel his sincerity. He delivered his lines easily. He managed to make me laugh with his dialogues, even the corny ones I guess.

With Lea, I can really feel her emotions. Her pain, her desire to be alone, her misery. She didn’t exaggerate. No unnecessary facial expressions. She exudes the grace and depth of a professional actress. Just honest emotions. Plain and simple.

I also liked the fact that it was mainly focused on the two characters but it still produced a beautiful film.

However, I have a conflicting view of the last 25 minutes of the film.

On the positive note, I could see a man who was returning a favor to someone who had helped him on his worst state. Someone who gave him something to look forward to. Someone who made him realize how good it was to live. Now, if you see it like this, that’s what you call romantic.

On the other hand, it also gave me the creeps. Because as the flashbacks went on and on, I could definitely see that the male lead was a stalker. Now this is alarming not romantic. I hope you see where I’m coming from. (and no, I didn’t base that on Empoy’s looks) That was a realization towards the end of the film.

Overall, Kita Kita, was a good movie. It didn’t live up to my expectations but I enjoyed most of it. It wasn’t your typical story. Something new to offer the moviegoers. It didn’t disappoint. Kudos to the actors and the producers. This has definitely moved up the ante for the Indie movie-makers.

Quotable Quotes

“Mas masakit kung hindi matutupad ang hiling, kaya ‘wag na lang.”

“May mga bagay na kailangan mong paghirapan bago mo makuha.” – Tonyo

“Paano mo malalaman kapag mahal mo na ang isang tao?” – Tonyo

“Kapag nagbago na ang mundo mo….Nag-iiba ang expression ng mukha mo, lumiliwanag ang mukha mo.” – Lea

“’Di mo naman sya kailangang makita, mararamdaman mo naman eh.” – Tonyo


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