Sometimes The Best Man Is The One You Least Expect…

Faith Holland left her hometown after being jilted at the altar. Now a little older and wiser, she’s ready to return to the Blue Heron Winery, her family’s vineyard, to confront the ghosts of her past, and maybe enjoy a glass of red. After all, there’s some great scenery there….

Like Levi Cooper, the local police chief—and best friend of her former fiancé. There’s a lot about Levi that Faith never noticed, and it’s not just those deep green eyes. The only catch is she’s having a hard time forgetting that he helped ruin her wedding all those years ago. If she can find a minute amidst all her family drama to stop and smell the rosé, she just might find a reason to stay at Blue Heron, and finish that walk down the aisle.


Hello everyone. It’s good to be back. And I really miss writing reviews. Actually, I’ve read quite a few books during my absence in the blogging world. I just had a difficult time squeezing writing into my schedule. Well, anyways, I’m back now. So expect for more book review write ups in the future.

So for my come back review, I’ve decide to write about Kristan Higgins’ latest book, The Best Man.

As expected, Higgins proved yet again that she’s one of the romance author pioneers of this generation. Though there are certain similarities among her female leads, I had immensely enjoyed the book and it certainly is difficult not to love the other characters included.

I really loved the prologue of this book. If the author aimed to create a fairy-tale-like intro, then she succeeded. I absolutely adored it. If there was a little hesitance on my part to continue reading the book, it quickly dissolved as soon as I laid eyes on the intro.

Three years ago, Faith was jilted at the altar. Jeremy, her fiance, left her broken and chose that moment to come out of the closet.

Fast forward to three years…

Faith Elizabeth Holland belongs to one of of the founding families in their town. They’re one of the wealthiest families. They produce wine and own acres of lands too. After three years of moving on, she had her fair share of dating. The problem is, it seems like she has a charm for gays. That’s why, she started to do an investigation before dating a guy. As it turns out, it wasn’t as reliable as she thought it was. She decided to take up her sister’s offer to stop her dad from getting too close with a gold digger. So she went home.

Enter Levi Cooper. He’s the Police Chief in their town and unfortunately, he’s Jeremy’s best friend. He had always hated Faith for reasons even him doesn’t know. Maybe because he sees what kind of society Faith represents – the rich and the famous. He was also the one who was responsible for Jeremy deciding to jilt his would-be-bride at the altar. He had a hard time believing why people loved Faith.

So why on Earth does he feel like lusting over her when she’s the last person he should be lusting about considering she was Jeremy’s ex?

But as soon as they got to know each other, they discovered that they had more in common than they’ve realized.


Jeremy Lyon. He’s still adorable even if he’s gay. How I wished he’d chosen to become a man instead. He has everything a woman needs in a guy.

  • Killer looks
  • potential NFL player
  • hot bod
  • gentleman

But being a gay killed it all. Sigh. He’s still dreamy. I supposed he could have married Faith if he loved her enough. I’ve seen some gays who marry women.

Pops & Goggy. Well these two certainly gave entertainment in this book. They may not be the traditional romantics, but i guess they still love each other. They just have a funny way of showing it.

Pru and Greg. They’re the picture of couples undergoing midlife crisis. Greg’s sexting cracked me up. I pity Abby and Ned.

Sarah Cooper. I envy her relationship with Levi. How I wish I had a brother like him.

John. The dates, Faith had set him up with are hilarious. Specially the transvestite one. I didn’t see that coming. And of course, his for-fun woman, Lorena, who thought he was serious with her. It’s really funny when she’s trying to sweet talk John and keeps on asking about his properties.

Overall, the book was great. Higgins’ trademark is still there. The big families, small town life, thirty-ish female lead who are desperate to be married and have kids, the not-so-good male lead who would turn out to be a catch, and of course the dogs.

Anyways, there are still so many things I wanted to write about this book, but I’m afraid to reveal more. So it’s up for you to find out dear readers.

Quotable Quotes

The love of your life won’t be the man you end up with, and you’ll always compare the two.

Maybe love isn’t just a bouquet of roses once in a while. Maybe it’s just sticking it out, when it’s hard, when you’re mad, when you’re tired.

Rating: 5/5



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