As the wickedly seductive Wilde cousins seek true love by taking a page from history’s legendary love stories, Lord Jack Wilde plays a determined Romeo courting an enchanting Juliet.

The last thing Sophie Fortin expects at a masquerade ball is a dazzling kiss from a pirate. Her desire quickly falters when she learns that her masked gentleman is devilishly scandalous Lord Jack, a member of the captivating Wilde clan — and a man she’s forbidden to acknowledge. But when Jack begins a breathtaking seduction, Sophie can barely resist.

Jack never imagined that the daughter of his family’s mortal enemy would awaken such fierce passion within him—until one unforgettable kiss changes his mind forever. Soon, Jack is hell-bent on winning Sophie’s hand, going so far as to abduct her to save her from marrying a rival nobleman. Determined to woo Sophie and her unyielding parents, Jack is faced with the one decision he’d sworn never to make. The secret heir to a prince, Jack has spurned his royal heritage for years . . . but for Sophie he’ll risk all to turn a legacy of heartbreak into love ever after.


It’s been a while since I’ve read a regency novel, and I really missed the feeling this genre evokes in me. I’m a hopeless romantic at heart and I’ve always believed in fairy tales. So this kind of genre holds a special place in my heart.

Since reading her Courtship Wars Series, I’ve been an avid fan of Nicole Jordan and she did not disappoint me with her latest offering. I’m quite thankful that I was given a chance to read this book in advance. Thanks to Netgalley!

Jordan’s trademark is still evident in this book. The carnal and untamed scenes between the main characters were still there. The wooing is adorable. And the hesitation of the lady to acknowledge him s sometimes infuriating and I find myself muttering that she’s one hell of a lucky woman if the man still won’t give up on her. But all in all, I love this book.

The Characters 

Jack Wilde. Well he portrays the character of a rogue very well. There were times when I feel exasperated by his boldness towards Sophie. His ego doesn’t need any boosting. He certainly have a lot of it. But within him is still a troubled young man who have undergone such difficulties in life that he seemed to not have gotten over. Though he’s closed with his adopted siblings, he finds it hard to open himself to them. He doesn’t share his feelings and because of his traumatic childhood experience, he still hated being alone. I love his persistence in courting Sophie and his efforts haven been paid in the end.

Sophie Fortin. This chit is really what Jack needed. She’s very charming and will let you eat at her fingers without you even noticing it. She has the ability to let people feel relaxed around her, making them share whatever their thinking. She’s an obedient daughter and have thought it a mission to fulfill her parents’ wishes that she be married to a Duke. It was only in that way that she can bring them happiness again. She has a tender heart that can be abused by selfish people.

Skye and Kate. I adore these two ladies. They’re quite a pair, trying to connive a love match between their siblings and cousins by adapting several fictional couples. Jack was their second victim, thinking that he and Sophie can be Romeo and Juliet. It was quite amusing watching these two plot against Jack. Hmmm, I’m wondering how they’re going to plot their own love story.

Overall, it was good. I only gave it a four because I have been used to reading Jordan’s books that sometimes the plot becomes very predictable. On the other hand, I really enjoyed this book and I’m so looking forward to the next book. I’m guessing it would be about Quinn.

Rating: 4/5


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