Fresh from her triumphs in Paris society, Whitney Stone returns to England determined to win the heart of her childhood love. However, in order to save himself from ruin, her father has come to an arrangement with the arrogant Duke of Claymore, and Whitney is the price.


NOTE: I know my review is bias since I’m a fan of historical romance novels and I know I’ve said that  I can’t get enough of it. I’m really a fan so I don’t get tired reading it even if I know that the story is similar to other historical romance novels I’ve read.

Clayton Westmoreland. I’ve read this novel because of him. He has been mentioned in one of McNaughts novels so my curiosity lead me to reading his story. I like him even though he’s short-tempered and full of pride. I like his mysteriousness. I like how he negotiated his marriage to Mr. Stone. I knew he liked Whitney ever since he saw her at the masquerade party though he doesn’t want to admit it.

Whitney, on the other hand, is a witty, humorous, and a courageous young woman. I like her stubbornness too.

The couple complements each other. They both have strong characters so they always clash but their affection towards each other brought them together.

Overall, it was a good read. I keep on turning the pages. Though it’s similar to other McNaught’s novels.

Quotable Quotes

“Childhood romances always seem so real, so enduring, when we are separated from the object of our affection. But usually, when we return, we find that our dreams and memories quite surpassed reality.”

“Behold your new mistress, my wife. An know that when she bids you, I have bidden you; what service you render her, you are rendering me; what loyalty you give or withhold from her, you give or withhold from me.”

“Several months ago in Paris, a lovely young woman accused me of pretending to be a duke. She said that I was such a poor impostor that I really ought to choose some other title to which to aspire-some title that would suit me better. I decided there was only one other title. I wanted: that of her husband. Believe me, my first title was far more easily acquired that the second and of far, far less value.”

Rating: 5/5


One thought on “Whitney, My Love (Westmoreland Saga #2) by Judith McNaught | Book Review

  1. I see you loved the book. I hated it. I would tell you why but it would take a lot of time to write and to read. I would describe it as the story of a raging psychopath brutalizing a helpless stupid woman. And they fall helplessly in love, thinking about it now, maybe they deserve each other…oww how very cute, and they live happily ever after …until a bird whispers him something in the ear about her and he is forced to rape her or whip her or something. But don't you worry, they will make up because she will apologize and redeem herself…ohh how romantic.


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